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[23 Jul 2004|12:54am]

bathings of crimson debt.
dyeing in crimson regret.
mourning in crimson sorrow.


take my hand and walk with me
wisper sweet nothings softly
filling our heads with silly thoughts
take my hand and walk with me
hold me closely
as the world fails on me
dont let go
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[07 Jul 2004|04:16pm]
liquor coats my soul
smoke clouds my mind
seeing far but not far enough
hearing but not listening
all the things you ever said
packed into a little black box
throw it out to sea
blow a kiss and wave goodbye
never look back
BanG bANg!

thoughts [07 Jul 2004|01:24am]
im so sickend tonight
ripping throught my heart like a fire
wanting to love yet not wanting to hurt
wanting to live yet not wanting to be
hateing yet loveing
crying in sorrorw.. the sorrow of happieness
fuck it

gaining in the pain
the pain of love
striving for the hate
the hate of life
gambling my life
just for fun
take the chance
the chance of getting hurt
or of getting healed
its all up to you
what you really want to do
what makes you who you are
or who you arent
being fake
who can really tell

beautiful evil, my bbeautiful evil my black magic rose i would give you the world in my bloody hands by your thorns you tell me you dont want to hurt me but you drowned me your eyes suffocated me with your passion killed me with your eyes and poisond me with your kiss Little Black haired girl your lpsmare bloody with lust, your kiss is now a must, little black haired girl, Little Black haired girl take my hand take me away, take my hand show me the way

chemical beauty luminating
chemical lust justifying
chemical love intoxicating
the kiss of life
the touch of death
the stare of evil
the words of good
sparrow to your world
vulture to your life
chemical being

if i was given a penny evertime you lied
i could afford you not to belive you next time
if i was given love everytime i asked
i would never love again
if i was given a kiss for evertime you called me pretty
i'd hate kisses

i am the slave to your game
do your JOB as a mother
its only a JOB after all
you could quit anytime you please
but you stay with the dread of being hated
the compassion of youth no longer lurks
just a tragedy of another teenage drama case
they only want and do not give
they bitch and dont do shit for you
if you only saw everything
instead of what you wanted to see
you'd see me

so here is goes again
drug high laying flat
death raines down
and kisses me sweet
eyes closed tight
legs spread wide
all on a saturday night
sipping silver mercury
slowing slipping away
temporary 'gasm
makes her cry for more
making sure to be secret
makes her cry for more

have another smoke
staining it with her crimsonlips
inhaling for life
far from innocence
from and innocent girl
she'll take you to her dongeon
and have some innocent fun
makeing love to an innocent girl
scratch her body with your nails
bruise her skin with your love
all in innocent games and fun

this mystery man
with the devils grin
whip quick whit
ghost like charm
handsome devil he
with the evil love
sex and booze for his gal
and the magic roses
he'll give it all to her
all for his demon woman
he is the mystery man
with the devils grin
whip quick whit
ghost like charm
the handsome devil he

quick off the top of the head things...

yeah thats it.
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[07 Jul 2004|12:24am]
could you ever love another
could you ever let her go

tracing through your mind
seeing that you lied

seeing what she means to you
sickening love that makes you live

seeing who she is
seeing how she is

how could you
why would you

torment yourself
it'll never be the same

make her cry
all im shame

chemistry that no longer lingers
love that just isnt fair

hateful crys
and drowning lies

all for what?
BanG bANg!

death [07 Jul 2004|12:19am]
deathly raidiance
deathly kiss
deathly stare
mixed with eternal bliss
a love that hates
a look that kills
bitch like ways
with blood that spills

love me with every breath you have
every breath untill you've run out
kiss me with every lie
every lie untill its a doubt
stay true to me
stay true so i can live
stay sane
because insane is all i can give

travel into my mind
where screams have no voice
take in my smell
you have no choice
drawn by the death
that lurks about
drawn by the life
that doesnt shout

i am only one
who cant be two
i am only one
so do what you can do
i can only cry
who cannot smile
i can only cry
just wait a while

kiss my deathly lips
so full of life
kiss me soft
as soft as a knife
hold me gently
untill i fall apart
hold me loose
so i cannot part
BanG bANg!

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